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Nan Goldin, Self-portrait in blue bathroom, London 1980
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These things that I have learned: 

1. One of the biggest problems I have with religion is that most of the religious people I know have no faith in themselves. They throw all of their problems to the wind, trusting that a unbeknown deity will take care of their problems. “I have all these problems but GOD will take care of them” is one of the most popular statuses I see on FB. No, you should take care of them. 

2. More often than not, when we do struggle, I think we already know what the answer or solution is. The problem is not the struggle itself, its facing the solution. We are terrified of doing what we know could be difficult or risky, and that itself is the problem. 

3. I have found that wanting things is the pinnacle of my sadness. What do we want but what we don’t have? The only good things to want are the things you already have. Wanting what is out of reach is suffocating. Living simply and gently is satisfying. 

4. You can not water flowers with vodka, darling. 

5. I recently started letting my dog off her leash. I had never done this before out of pure fear. Fear of her running after a cat, getting hit by a car, or attacking another dog. It was one of the most difficult things I’ve done, as pathetic as that sounds. Learning to trust her has been rewarding, and she listens to me more. I can let her run in the field by my apartment and she will look up every now and then to make sure I’m still there. I’m always still there and she seems happier.

6. You can lose yourself in someone, and not get lost. 

7. ” I am choosing not to suffer uselessly…I choose to love this time for once with all my intelligence.” 

You can always feel safe in knowing I will never make a piñata of your heart.

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